Things to know before taking Janam kundali

The Janam Kundli is one of the most essential tools in case of Hindu Vedic astrology. Astrology guides natives with regards to their future. Everything that is involved in one’s life, from marriages to financial decisions to career options, there’s always some help that’s extended by the kundali. Whatever be the problem, there’s always a solution in the kundali. Janam Kundli requires some basic info and are generally made during the time of one’s birth into a Hindu family. There are many reasons for making a Kundli. These reasons range from educational reasons to marriages, compatibility, finance, health, career options and so on. 

How is kundali made?

Though kundali online is more precise than the kundali made by hand and is easily accessible, both the kundalis form a similar pattern while being crafted. The astrological chart comprises of a total of twelve houses. The first house denotes personality as the second house denotes family and fortune, followed by the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house that represents courage, happiness, knowledge, atrocities, marriage, longevity, luck, career options, financial situations and losses respectively.

Steps taking online while forming the Janam Kundli :

Given the fact that the kundali is so important, there’s no denial in the fact that there needs to be carefully measured steps while making them. The process of online kundali making is as deemed below:

. At the time of the native birth and if there’s no chart, later the exact details of one’s birth is known to draft a chart. This is made by capturing the position of different planets. The ascendant sign is also calculated depending on the planetary impact when an individual takes birth. 

. The location of various influential planets is also noticed as the likes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are noted. Also, positions of the sun, moon alongside the nakshatras are noted. 

. From vimshotri Dasha to navamsa charts, a lot of progressions are made into the kundali by the desired astrologer. This is done to match the accuracy of the kundali as everything in a person’s life revolves around the kundali. 

The purpose of kundali :

Life is tough, but kundali helps you get a hold of yourself and achieve greater heights. It helps in making you a better person. It helps you in curbing out the hidden aspects of life that bothers you and your loved ones. In every step of the way and the ever-changing stages of life, kundali shall always be the calm to your storm.

Benefits of Kundli making :

  • It helps you sail across smoothly with financial and career choices. 
  • It helps us in making major decisions in life. 
  • It helps in taking major marriage and compatibility decisions. 
  • It helps one to understand themselves better. 
  • Kundalini keeps people more aware of their health and the health of their loved ones. 
  • Kundali over time helps you get access to answers that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. 
  • There’s also a notable spiritual awakening that helps in spreading thoughtfulness. 

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